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Think of this as a boat trip with an added bonus that you are likely to see things under the water too!
Loch Gairloch is an amazing sea loch, which has really been helped by a ban on trawling and dredging. The sea floor is pristine and serves as a nursery for many varieties of plant and animal including starfish, urchin and an amazing array of kelps. So pristine in fact that we had a herring spawning event this March (2019), the first for possibly 50 years.
Our trip lasts around 90 minutes, and typically visits the 3 islands of Fraoch, An t’Sabhail and Shieldaig which are in turn good for birds, underwater life and seals.
Lets be honest – this is not the Maldives but we do see something interesting on every trip, in the air, on the surface or in the water.
All trips are good, but probably the best times are mid tide when the seals haul out to rest, the aquatic life is not too deep and the sea birds are active.

Shore Crab
Velvet Crab
Spider Crab
Hermit Crab
Prawn – Nephrops
Snakelock Anenome

Safety First

We are fully committed to your safety. The boat, is fully safety coded for trips of up to 20 miles – far more than we need!
We carry full safety equipment including lifejackets, liferaft and flares, a VHF Radio and remember she was designed as a lifeboat! She has a nice deep safe cockpit with seats for everyone. You’ll feel very safe in her!

Great Guides

This trip has been running for over 12 years from Gairloch, and your skipper has great knowledge of the area above and below the water.
Tim has a real passion for the subject, talks too much and gets over excited far too easily ;-)
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Experience a new world

Young and not so young get a kick out of this trip! It’s simply fascinating – even seeing seaweed as a natural moving forest is something extraordinary, and there are always surprises.
Its all there – you just have to spot it…