Well, that was a weird 2020 wasn’t it?

I’ve taken down the on-line booking system for the winter, but may still be operating if Alice (The boat!) is not out of the water getting painted and generally pampered. If you are up in Gairloch in the winter, drop me an email at skipper@glassbottomedboat.co.uk and we can chat about weather, time and dates!

Season Review

Wow – what a season! Some really good days, and some really quiet days towards the end of the season. The loch itself was definitely quieter this year than 2019, perhaps the herring didn’t spawn here this year? But we did have dolphins (Yes, I know I say we don’t see them but occasionally we strike lucky ;-) a seal who played under the boat, and one memorable trip had the lot – a feeding frenzy with porpoise, dolphin, gannet, razorbill, and guillemot in the hundreds and hundreds all around the boat. Jellies were plentiful and a really exciting few sightings of White Tailed (Sea) Eagle who I hope might become resident.

All on film too so check out the blog!

As ever though, its the people on the boat that make it extra special and I like to think I made some new friends this year. Shout out Erica and Leah especially for your positivity and enthusiasm.

The operators worked really well together this year – a real sense of pulling together which was great. The two Ians, Shellfish Safari and Gairloch Wildlife were just great. Thanks guys.

And last but not least, a new boat for next season to offer posh picnics for romantic couples. You know who you are!

Stay safe everyone, and see you in 2021!