Covid 19 in the Highlands – we’ve been so lucky so far…

Well, I guess 2020 has to win the weirdest year award!

Of course, the main thing for everyone is health and the health of their families, and it’s desperately sad to see so many succumb. At todays date we’re closing on 40,000 dead and very probably the true figure will be 60,000? I am so sorry for everyone affected.

We’re doing our little bit to say thank you, with free trips for any NHS or frontline staff in 2020 (if we run) and 2021 if not.. All you need to do is bring some ID and we’re good to go! Thank you. x

So, obviously the business has taken a battering, and with such a short season we could be looking to write off 2020 altogether. But that’s only business. There have been some really positive benefits. Fishing markets collapsed with no restaurants buying shellfish, so the stocks are getting a rest. The seals are here in huge numbers, common and grey, and the terns are being allowed to have the little nest sites to themselves without any disturbance. Strangely, I haven’t seen too many gannett this year or auks either come to that, but then I haven’t been out much!

There is increasing evidence that boat engine noise, and to a lesser degree, prop noise has a huge impact on crustacea, especially crabs who are extremely sensitive to it, so that’s an even biggerreason for going sail, oar or electric! Watch this space!

And for once, Alice got her maintenance in the dry and warm instead of freezing in January! She’s had a bit of a makeover – new wiring and switchgear, engine out for a paint, new roof design, fresh batteries and much more. She’s looking very smart now! She’s been launched so that her storage trolley also gets a bit of maintenance now she doesn’t need to sit on it!

Watch this space – there’s more to come even if its just me messing about on the water