Our Tours

Safety First

We are fully committed to your safety. The boat, is fully safety coded for trips of up to 20 miles - far more than we need! We carry full safety equipment including lifejackets, liferaft and flares, a VHF Radio and remember she was designed as a lifeboat! She has a nice deep safe cockpit with seats for everyone. You'll feel very safe in her!

Great Guides

This trip has been running for over 10 years from Gairloch, and your skipper has great knowledge of the area above and below the water. Tim has a commercial boat licence and loads of experience on the water.

Experience a new world

Young and not so young get a kick out of this trip! It's simply fascinating - even seeing seaweed as a natural moving forest is something extraordinary, and there are always surprises. It all there - you just have to spot it...

Where we go, what we see, what you'll remember

Wester Ross has an incredible natural beauty, and we are lucky to have so many wonderful, natural things to see. It also has clear water, and you'll be amazed at how much you can see, even in water over 2 meters deep. Typical sightings include Velvet, Shore, Spider and Hermit Crabs, Fish, including flounder, juvenile pollock who use the weed as a nursery, gurnard and wrasse. There are starfish, anenomes, sea slugs (Nudebranch) sponges and jellyfish. Obviously the things you see change throughout the year, but whenever you come, you will see something interesting on every trip. There are animals above the water too, seabirds, seals and harbour porpoises regular sightings - with occasional spots of more exotic species.

Shore Crab
Velvet Crab
Spider Crab
Hermit Crab
Prawn - Nephrops
Snakelock Anenome