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Its an incredible privilege to be out on Loch Gairloch every day.

From March 1st 2019.
Herring spawn for the first time in 50 years, and the BBC Blue Planet Team are there to capture it!

Click here for the video

24th April
Sometimes, its just too good…porpoise, common and grey seal, guillemot, razorbill, eider, red throated diver, gannett just going nuts above and below, urchin, big starfish, plumose anemone, fish, crab & even lobster on a single trip. Incredible.

30th May

Tougher spots below as the water has coloured up in the rain and there’s a bit less visibility where the fresh and salt water isn’t mixed, but…on an extended trip looking for the seals that were a bit elusive last night, we saw porpoise and an otter that made up for it! Fab.